Bending Metal with Our Minds

Our System

At Vander-Bend Precision Sheet Metal, we believe in the power of the mind.
We make an on-going effort to use progressive practices, including manufacturing "cells" and demand-flow technology.

"To reduce excessive punch machine set-up time, we asked our employees to study videotape of the process and make suggestions. They responded with suggestions that helped us cut down the time by nearly 90%."
-Steve Wolf, General Manager

For every improvement we make within our company, we pass on the time and cost savings to our customers. That kind of innovation breeds more of the same, often with dramatic improvements to our customers' products.
At Vander-Bend, we offer concurrent engineering support, which many of our customers have found to be invaluable, especially in the early design stages. Vander-Bend engineers have extensive design experience and capabilities, and can recommend modifications that will reduce the cost and time required to manufacture parts and products.
With our engineering support, you can be sure that you are creating the most buildable and cost-effective design to keep you on schedule and within budget. At Vander-Bend, we want our customers to know exactly what they are getting. That's why we've developed a unique process control-based system, which details specific steps to be completed above a particular quality level. The idea is to build quality into each part by carefully controlling the process, rather than inspecting quality after the fact.

Our History

The role of sheet metal companies has undergone a dramatic change since Vander-Bend was founded by Bill Vanderbeek in 1980. Traditionally, we provided parts piece-meal; today's customers expect a wider variety of services, from building single parts to shipping out completed products. As an Original Design Manufacturer, we are happy to take on all of these roles.

Our Employees

Vander-Bend hires people who are good with their heads as well as their hands, and we work hard to retain them. We emphasize a team approach and employee ownership, from top management to machinists to engineers.

Our Facilities

At Vander-Bend, we believe that people are the key to quality, but that doesn't preclude using the best equipment. We use numerically-controlled punches, brakes, mills, and lasers with the highest-level precision in both sheet metal and machining.
Jobs are tracked through the Vander-Bend plant by a computerized job control system using bar codes and full MRP capabilities. At any given moment, we know exactly where your job's components are in the system, and on the line. This detail oriented process controll system helps us to ensure that your parts are always shipping on time and in the right quantities, and discover if some steps in the manufacturing process may be lagging.

Let's Put Our Heads Together

If you haven't worked with us yet, why not come by for a tour? We would be glad to tell you more about specific capabilities and quote any upcoming jobs. No hard sell; just a simple meeting of the minds. After all, isn't it about time you had a supplier that thinks the way you do?